Friday, August 27, 2010

short circuit

My clearest recollection of these drawings in process is me laying in bed at a little boutique spa/hotel in palm springs and adding colored pencil to the yellow one.

At that time, Carrie was getting a massage elsewhere on the property.

Early February? The calm before the storm. Our last weekend getaway, pre-kid. Less than a month later the boy would be joining us.

I have a couple more that I have never added color to. Pattern making and repetitive mark making have always been very calming for me. Makes sense that I was getting into these as we were nearing the birth of our first child.

Didn't have a preconceived composition in mind, just responding to the previous rows of shapes that I had completed. I like the compactness and density of shapes in the drawings. Nothing touches one another, but the shapes have a charge or energy to them. Static? Potential?

The blue and yellow ones are framed in the house. I came across the green one as we were clearing out our spare bedroom closet in preparation for our new floors to be installed, and realized that it was not finished. I'll get back to it... some day.

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