Saturday, November 27, 2010

tufted fishies.

finished up while "watching" janeane garofalo's stand up routine. funny.

the fishies are one of the girl's yard toys. she kept wanting to play with it as i was drawing it. sheesh...

i have enjoyed working on these 2 panels. a bit challenging at moments because of the different format.

i'm thinking they will go in our bedroom above our closet. my goal is to get one more "standard size", read as "small", drawing done this weekend. we'll see. i still have to create a lesson plan, catch up on grading, and organize the mess in the garage.

we'll see.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


i'm thankful to have moments like this with my daughter.

i'm thankful for my family and friends.
i'm thankful for the health and happiness of those same people.

this one is pretty near done. if anything changes it will be minor. maybe a bit more value contrast among the main characters of the image. the hinges on it will be replaced and flipped to the top of image  so it can be hung that way.

just look at that tightly organized work space. impressive, no?

here's a closer look at the companion piece. not complete, but moving forward. logan painted the color washes in the center and then I added on top of his work. the chair is a relatively new addition to our home. The missus often sits there. laptop by her side.
(the waiting room chair in the other image is one i find myself in on occasion. laptop on the credenza, craning my neck to check out the action of the weekly saturday lsu football game.)

the lamp is one that carrie got recently. it's an awesome lamp. she was very excited when she purchased it. rightfully so.
the morning playlist with the girl at my side- a little bill withers followed by justin townes earle's new album, harlem river blues.

Monday, November 22, 2010

getting there.

a bit closer.

getting ready to start its companion with the tufted chair and possibly the millenium falcon sandwich cutter.

throw up.

we took the little doors off our guest bath vanity a bit ago. the unit is cheap and the previous owners made some "repairs" to it.

i thought the doors would make interesting supports to draw on. with the frame built in. or is it on?

i had the girl add some color to the center of the panel with washable color markers. i'll have the boy add color to the other panel.

the frame color is improving. it isn't as vomit looking as it was last night.
more like pepto.

i think darth vader's tie-fighter sandwich cutters will make an appearance as a pattern element. hopefully today.

the jar was made by our friend nicole in brooklyn. the waiting room chair lives next to our credenza.

drawn while watching grey gardens (hard to watch after a while) and the tim burton version of alice in wonderland (kinda crap).