Friday, August 20, 2010

what the?!

woke up yesterday and before my morning coffee, looked at a drawing i had been working on before going to bed.

it was awful. the objects were fine, but the pattern i laid down on top killed it. and not in a good way.
spent any free time during the day trying to subdue the suckage that was present. breakfast time, diego time, and naptime. the boy got up early from his "nap" and drew and painted alongside me at the kitchen table for a bit. nice.

the dino is one that the boy wanted me to put into a drawing after i chose a couple others for a previous work. i mislabeled this one in an earlier post as a hadrosaur. it is actually an ankylosaur.

the banana peels are from a collection of felt foods the kids have. carrie made felt sushi rolls and others from all over did other food items, and then they swapped. some pretty cool stuff.

i think it's fixed...

i've got to get into school mode and start investing time in lesson planning. this summer vacation has been a treat. lots of me time, lots of me and kiddo time. wish the missus had the same schedule, but somebody has to bring home the bacon.

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