Friday, December 30, 2011


Here are a couple projects that have been sitting around our house, er, garage for way too long. The cups have been moved to and fro for close to 5 years. Sad, so sad.

I rinsed them off yesterday and will glaze them before winter break is over. Someone out there hold me to this. The kiddos will paint 2 of them and I'll do the rest.

The painting has been propped up by our water heater in the garage for a couple of years. The boy's wooden racer and the girl's piggy car are the main characters. A wooden train car and some foam bowling pins lend a supporting hand.

I added the pukey green yesterday. I don't know what to think about this one right now. I like the drawings a lot. Don't know about the color application. It's done on a hollow core door. This one is the biggest transportable image I have attempted in quite some time.

We're toying with the idea of sealing the heck out of the door and hanging it in the backyard...

Monday, August 29, 2011

mural at the 4-spot.

i just completed a mural in el cajon. at a couple of friends' house. it's my biggest one to date, 60 feet long. drawing took a couple of days and the actual painting of the thing was wrapped up in a week.

it got quite hot during the week. thank goodness i was painting right next to the pool.

a lot of the head and the heart, as well as the tallest man on the earth were pumping through my headphones.

if anyone out there needs a supercool mural painted get in touch with this guy.

ummm, that would be me.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

slide slide slippity slide.

the slide is a new addition to the girl's toy collection.

sippy lid.

the pattern is lifted from mary's curtains in the film mary and max. amazing film, by the way.

still not satisfied with the pattern element. i may introduce some yellow green inside parts of it.

tift merritt. rogue wave. cee-lo.

and a bit of empire strikes back.