Monday, August 9, 2010


so the missus sewed the kids a couple things for our vacation trip back east. she made these way cool backpacks so they could put essential travel items in them. she also sewed these stuffed squids that have a variety of fabric patterns all over their bodies. big hit! i'm a bit disappointed that i didn't get one...

the boy named his, drum roll please... squidy.

to keep the girl occupied in the car for stretches at a time, all we have to break out is her little boombox. this assumes her to no end. great gift from the number one day care provider of all time, teresa.

thought i'd go with a miami dolphins color scheme on this one.

the creative process was accompanied by dane cook's "employee of the month" (nothing else was on, i swear), more mr. swift, dave rawlings, justin townes earle, and the sound of our back yard sprinkler.

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