Wednesday, August 4, 2010

yellow hat

well, i failed.

set out to get three drawings done in new england, but i only got two done.
the second was completed in waterville valley, new hampshire. 16 people under one roof for a weekend. a blast, really, even if the majority of the group went to syracuse university.

on saturday night we played the second annual game of yellow hat. whoever has the hat, gets to pick the music. pretty simple, pretty darn fun. the items in the drawing were all found in the living room of the condo while listening to a wide variety of tunes and stories. good times.

and that was all she wrote. or all i drew.

we got back to la mesa late monday night. took a lazy day on tuesday. and kicked it today. completed a third drawing based on items i saw at the local coffee shop, cosmos. had my latte by the front window, scalded my tongue on the damn drink, drew, and had matt pond pa's green fury coming through my earbuds. 

started another drawing along the street, then finished the coffee shop drawing back at home after picking up the kids from daycare.

white noise coming through the baby monitor.

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  1. Liquor and magni-doodle can be a wicked combination