Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the blue kitchen.

the condo on 36th street served us well for a number of years. cheap mortgage... and, uh, cheap mortgage.
after a short while we painted the kitchen blue. bright blue with lighter blue trim around all the cabinets.

pretty intense.

for a while there i was bouncing from part time teaching gig to part time teaching gig to part time teaching gig. all in the same day.

in the gaps in between i would, what else, document the place and its immediate surroundings. i made a series of relief prints on styrofoam. we were getting a lot of takeout sushi at the time and i would cut out the tops of the boxes and use them as my plates.

the kitchen counter became my ink slab. the pull out cutting board became my print bed.

usually 3 colors done with selective inking of the plate. used a variety of colored mulberry paper.

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