Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the little house in la mesa

the boy was still crawling when we finally sold the place with the blue kitchen. that place had served us well in san diego, but it was time to move on to a place that didnt overlook a dumpster.

that didnt have smelly neighbors.

that had businesses other than liquor stores and a nudie bar we could walk to.

its not mayberry, but we've got our garden (that's out of control), we've got our yard (that's barely hanging on). we've got our main street and classic car show.

i painted (the house) and planted, but did not draw until the following spring. dang. our friend jason had started a blog called napkin canvas, and it got me going on some silly little drawings. on napkins. during the boy's naps.

subject matter? our home of course. and maybe a foot and a leg thrown in.

playing on the laptop- in rainbows by radiohead.

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