Wednesday, July 21, 2010

unbroken chain.

i think that was playing a lot while i was working on the thesis body of work. things got darker my last year in baton rouge. different forces pulling at me. uncertainty ahead.

what's a job?

that said, i worked a lot. moved into my own place after jerome graduated. a one bedroom apartment. i used the bedroom as my studio. all charcoal all the time...

the work reflected the uncertainty of the (my) future. i watched the talking heads movie, true stories, more than a few times.

in the beginning

a boy's dream

golden calf- the creation

my thesis paper was really a bunch of bullshit. in hindsight, the body of work centered on my insecurities as a young man heading out into the real world, finally not being supported by the realm of academia.

i would move on from this dark body of work after spending the summer 'teaching" at a summer camp. some of the fun would come back into my work. and stay there.

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