Thursday, July 22, 2010

tiger stadium and newports.

at this point in baton rouge, thanks to my friend tracey, i had secured a painting studio on campus.

that's right. in the football stadium. we entered on this side.

the studios were in what once used to be dorm rooms of the football team WAY back in the day. never saw a football game there, but for a while, i was in that stadium almost every day.

with this new space i started to make some large paintings that were based on the figures i was making in the black and white composition book. somebody had gotten a hold of some billboard advertisement paper. i ended up with a fair bit of it to play with. my kind of price still to this day- free.

i used the back of these big sheets of paper. on the front were pieces of a giant newport cigarette ad. the people all cheery and good looking as i made these grimy paintings of weird, all too skinny people on the back. i would lay out a couple sheets on the floor and tape them together so that the size was about 8x12'.

there was an odd assortment of tapes being played in my boombox there- jeff buckley's grace, lyle lovett and his large band, and the barenaked ladies. that brian wilson song is still great.

I would revisit some of these skinny dudes a few years later while teaching at Buck's Rock, but they would be in a much happier place.

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