Thursday, July 22, 2010


At some point in my first year in baton rouge i decided i would start over visually. i would draw like a child. breaking rules of good composition and space in art. i was such a "rebel".

the work that i had been doing for a while was abstract and dark. no color. isolated, floating rickety looking shapes built of black lines on gray backgrounds of varying degrees of dark and light.

the only constant would be the use of line. my love of line- drawn, painted, etched, or incised has been the only thing to really stick around as the images i create have changed in style and subject throughout the years.

i bought one of those old school composition books and began to fill it. about 40 drawings in all. not as much as i wanted originally- i was gonna fill that thing, but then i moved on again, to bigger things.
some of the more bizarre and flat out disturbing images i have created are in this book of child-like drawings.

it was with this book that i bought my first box of crayons as an adult.

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