Thursday, July 22, 2010

sidewalk chalk, anyone?

i guess i did a couple large chalk drawings on walls in baton rouge, but it wasn't until my 2nd year at summer camp that i really got into doing the large scale, temporary drawings in public spaces.

i was really "drawn" to the transient quality of these things. with a quick shower they could be gone. which, in turn, would provide an opportunity to make a new one.

the circular format and repetitive nature of the designs came from radiating t-shirts i had done the previous summer, which had been influenced by the portal/pattern crayon drawings from grad school, which had, themselves, been influenced by byzantine mosaics that i had seen in ravenna, italy, while studying abroad my junior year at tyler. a totally linear progression of form and idea, right?

they were done in the middle of the night, with few, if any, people around. when the camp woke up the next day, they were greeted with a new treat.

i see these as a celebration of life, movement, and the elements. they were coming from the desire to leave a positive mark in a place. in the world. one silly chalk drawing at a time.

on the cd player up in PASS- air's moon safari and massive attack's mezzanine.

i think this is the one that was clicking on all cylinders

in front of my in-laws place. right before their daughter and i 
left for the west coast. they were not home when i did this.
would have been cooler if they were.

right outside our apartment building in san diego.
our street illegal bus is parked across the street.

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