Saturday, July 24, 2010

four years

carrie and i moved out to san diego in the fall of 99. not long after that, we rented a small studio space downtown. we ended up using it far too little and paid rent on it way too long. the space was above a hooters restaurant. carrie "loved" walking by that place right before she was going to be creatively productive.

i started two pieces in that space. both were taken from small drawings i had done in lesson plan books during the previous couple years. each was approximately 30x40".

then they sat. or hung. or were rolled up. off and on in various places for the next four years. every once in a while i would chip away. it wasn't until the summer of 2005 that i completed the two of them. teaching an advanced drawing summer class at a local community college.

wish i had actually taken pics of these 2 before framing them. doh.

in fact, i started and completed a 3rd drawing at the same time i was finishing up those two. i haven't made anything as large as these pieces since, not counting the murals i've done.

since then my work has gotten down to a portable handheld size. if its too big to use a text book as a support, i won't be making it. that said, the work that i have done since these 3 leans heavily on the visual formatting of these guys. the combination of pattern, everyday objects, and expressive atmosphere is something i really enjoy playing with. the mixing and matching of different layers of information offers me a rich, varied world to explore and create with.

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  1. Not true on the size thing, you did the drawing on the cabinets in the living room and that door a while back. Plus the medallions for zamorano...