Tuesday, January 7, 2014

drawing with the kiddos.

it's winter break!
time to step it up with the drawing. 
taking a break from the mid century drawings and tapping into my love of pattern and decoration for something different.

we recently got a vintage trailer to use as an art studio in the backyard. a 1960 kenskill camper. super sweet:) 
on xmas eve I started collaborating with my kids on some drawings. They each add a few things of their choosing and then I come in and mess it all up;)

9 done so far. I'd love to get a series of 10 done by the end of the week. 

a number of the backgrounds i am adding are coming from pattern heavy drawings in the new sketchbook i have been working in since the end of september.

the new head and the heart recording on heavy rotation, plus the shovels and rope pandora station.

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