Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2 more.

took a field trip with the kids to check out bell beach pavilion at low tide. fun trip. the boy had to poop as soon as we got to the spot. Ended up holding it for at least 3 more hours:/

on one of our furlough days, i checked out a few buildings in fletcher hills. the library was the highlight of the day. also stopped by a couple churches and 972 wakefield.

on pandora- local natives, maps and atlases, dawes, and lumineers stations.

watched meatballs, under the dome, bob's burgers.

modernsandiego has been a great resource for this series. addresses all over san diego county.

running out of room on the wall. though done, 18 is not up on wall yet. looking for 20 before heading back east...

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