Wednesday, January 9, 2013

return to sender.

The pages above are from a sketchbook I dug out of storage today while looking for an even older one. I'm glad I found it. The sketchbook was to be a back and forth between me and my friend Anthony. We made it two complete rounds and then it stalled with me... for 12 years.

Time to mail this sucker back:)

My entries, both written and drawn, document the end of the east coast and the beginning of the west coast for me, for us.

The first page, ah, that first page. I love it. Out of the dark and into the light. Thank you Carrie.

The second page comes from the same drive as the first, drawn at 70 mph.

The rest of the drawings... our first apartment in san diego. good ol' kansas street in the north park neighborhood.

Making our way with thrift store finds, dollar store flatware, and the occasional use of a courtyard chair or two when we had company.

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