Monday, November 22, 2010

throw up.

we took the little doors off our guest bath vanity a bit ago. the unit is cheap and the previous owners made some "repairs" to it.

i thought the doors would make interesting supports to draw on. with the frame built in. or is it on?

i had the girl add some color to the center of the panel with washable color markers. i'll have the boy add color to the other panel.

the frame color is improving. it isn't as vomit looking as it was last night.
more like pepto.

i think darth vader's tie-fighter sandwich cutters will make an appearance as a pattern element. hopefully today.

the jar was made by our friend nicole in brooklyn. the waiting room chair lives next to our credenza.

drawn while watching grey gardens (hard to watch after a while) and the tim burton version of alice in wonderland (kinda crap).

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  1. very happy to live in the masse brown world in any small way
    *like* x,n